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Safe and Secure, by Design.

Novie Veshki is committed to ensuring our residents feel safe and sound in their home and neighborhood. Learn more about security at Novie Veshki, and our safe streets, reliable utilities and environmental stewardship.

Our professional and dedicated security staff enforce strict protocols for homeowner and guest entry and exit into our gated community 24x7x365.

Safe Streets

Speed limits inside Novie Veshki are strictly enforced so that children and adults can walk, ride and play safely on streets and sidewalks.


Our power and water supplies, drainage and sewage facilities, and fire prevention and protection capabilities are best-in-class based on Canadian best practices.


Our construction practices and technologies have passed ecological reviews by governmental scientific bodies.

A Community
Committed to Family Safety

We spare no expense in your safety with our 24x7x365 security personnel, perimeter protection, and security technology and infrastructure. Trust that everyone at Novie Veshki, from our project developer and sales and administrative staff, to our security personnel and fire brigade, treat all residents as we would our own families.

Gated Community

Novie Veshki is a gated community, meaning anyone entering may do so only by permission. Residents register their vehicles for authorization to enter, and must temporarily register guests and service providers. Our 70 hectare community is surrounded by a 3-meter high fence. Take comfort in knowing that you and your family are safe and secure at Novie Veshki.

Security Personnel

Novie Veshki is protected 24x7, 365 days a year by security officers from one of Moscow's leading security companies. There is a security officer at the front gate around the clock, and security guards patrol by foot and vehicle throughout each day and night. Our security personnel are wholly dedicated to your safety.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV cameras installed on site monitor vehicles and people entering and leaving Novie Veshki. The system records vehicle license plates and will be expanded to the perimeter fence. Our experienced security professionals continuously monitor the CCTV system and are authorized to respond to situations if required.

Home Protection

One of the most important elements of security at Novie Veshki is Home Panel Protection, which provides residents with a call button in their home to summon the community's rapid response team. In the event of an emergency, our security service is trained to respond in the first few minutes. Homeowners rest assured with the knowledge that assistance is just a push-button away.

Imagine Safe, Enjoyable Streets

At Novie Veshki, a sense of home extends beyond your house and lawns to the entire neighborhood. With speed limits enforced on our streets, and wide sidewalks and 24x7 lighting, families enjoy the neighborhood day and night for walking, playing, exercising, exploring and meeting friends and neighbors.

Speed Bumps
& Curves

To maintain a safe community environment, our staff and security professionals enforce our 30 kph speed limit. Speed bumps located throughout our community remind homeowners, guests and service professionals to maintain safe speeds. Novie Veshki's homes are situated on curves and cul-de-sacs that further limit auto speeds. In fact, during afternoons and evenings, you will often find more children riding their bicycles and ATV's around Novie Veshki's streets than adults in their cars!

Wide Streets
& Sidewalks

Our street plan is designed to promote interaction and community. Streets are wide enough to allow both driving and parking lanes - though street parking is strictly regulated so as to keep streets as clear as possible. There is room on the road for both bicyclists and cars. Each street has its own sidewalk. Residents can walk safely throughout the development. There is always opportunity to explore Novie Veshki by foot, or take the most direct route to one of Novie Vehski's numerous parks.

24x7 Lighting

Novie Veshki's streets, sidewalks and public areas are illuminated by hundreds of lights, which are activated early in the morning and at dusk. A well-lit community is a safer one, and early risers feel confident and inspired in their brightly lit community. In the evening, children and families enjoy the parks, play hockey or basketball, or ride their bicycles. At Novie Veshki, our high-quality lighting system helps you and your family keep life bright.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Water Supply

Based on continual safety testing, Novie Veshki's water quality surpasses all health and safety standards and is completely safe to drink directly from the tap. Novie Veshki is connected to the City of Moscow’s water supply system via an expanded water reservoir and augmented pumping station. The station's water quality is constantly monitored, and additional chemical treatment is provided when necessary.


The water system’s pumps and piping have been sized to ensure that adequate fire fighting capacity is available at all times. The system is comprised of “looped” return pipes to minimize disruptions in the event of leaks or breakage.


At first glance, visitors notice that the streets and lots at Novie Veshki are not flat - they roll up and down. This is aesthetically pleasing, and also serves the purpose of supporting a fully engineered site drainage system. With an underground storm sewer system installed throughout the territory, after a rainstorm Novie Veshki's streets and lots are completely dry due within a very short time. In keeping with environmental standards, the system’s outflow passes through filtration systems before being discharged into nearby creeks and ponds.


Novie Veshki is connected to the City of Moscow’s sewage disposal system. Waste is collected by an underground gravity driven piping system to three separate low points inside our territory. At these low points, lift station installations pump the sewage under pressure to a primary municipal collection pipe located along MKAD. Backup power generators are available to ensure that the system operates even during a power outage.


Novie Veshki is connected to the main gas distribution system serving Moscow and the Moscow region via an upgraded high-pressure gas main built especially for Novie Veshki. Several pressure reducing stations have been installed that allow residents to enjoy a reliable gas supply at the correct pressure in their homes.


Novie Veshki is directly connected to the MosEnergo electrical power distribution system. A custom 10 kilometer long main power supply line was installed to supply Novie Veshki's main transformer and distribution building. This main supply line has been “twinned” to minimize service disruptions. At the main station, the power voltage is stepped down and the electricity delivered to several smaller transformation and distribution buildings within Novie Veshki. From these installations, the power is stepped down to 240 volts and distributed to individual homes.

Environmentally Friendly

"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken."

Leo Tolstoy

Everything at Novie Veshki - from building materials and home technology, to soil, water and air quality - has been designed with sustainability, the environment and your family’s well-being at top of mind.